Beauty Contest in Michoacan

With the firm intention of carrying out the final design prepared by the Mayor Adolfo Tovar Ontiveros, highlights the role of promotional events that attract investment and get high to the municipality and its people, in addition to emphasizing the development of the coast and thus the explosion of tourism in a short-and medium term.
In this regard, the municipal executive, unveiled at the state capital, the call for Nuestra Belleza 2010 Michoacan, where he stressed the benefits of the coastal region, which fall on its own natural attractions for tourism, adventure, ecological, to academic and scientific, while business tourism, which picks up on port and industry in its various aspects, as well as the new face of the city and the cleanliness of its streets and beaches, which will stage this great event of beauty in Michoacán.
The formal ceremony was conducted by Patricia Olmedo Alma Núñez, Director State of Our Beautiful Michoacan Iris Vianey Mendoza, Secretary of Youth, in addition to the presence of Ruben Gonzalez Medina, Director of the Port Authority (IPA), Jorge Mendoza Garibay, President of the Association of Hotels and Motels in Costa Michoacana, Alejandro Cazares Figueroa, Director General of Michoacán Televisa, Itzel Garcia Our beauty Michoacan 2009, among others.It should be noted that the city of Lazaro Cardenas is ready to meet the operational and logistic staff and the sponsors and employers in the world of beauty, cosmetology and tourism shows, while the importance of media will realize the potential of the City and Port of Lázaro Cárdenas in Michoacán Nuestra Belleza great event to be held on June 25 where they will be attended by Lupita Jones, national director of Nuestra Belleza Mexico, Perla Beltran, 2nd. Place in Miss World 2008 that will serve as official host and Elisa Najera 5th. Place in Miss Universe 2008 which will come as guest of honor and finally Itzel Garcia Michoacan Nuestra Belleza 2009 who delivered the crown on the day of the grand final to be held in the Malecón de la Culture and the Arts from 20:00 hrs.

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