CALETA and Maruata will have an AIRPORT

CALETA and Maruata will have an AIRPORT

During the tour of the work performed on Saturday at Caleta de Campos, the governor Leonel Godoy Rangel, announced that staff will brief the Ministry of Communications and Public Works of the state and of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation of the Federal Government to view fields at Caleta de Campos as Maruata, to build two runways there at the airport, to provide better transport options for strollers and abroad often visit these two places.

In an interview with this newspaper, said that as promised in campaign and in the first days of its mandate, the main objective was to upgrade the coastal road-Coahuayana Lázaro Cárdenas, which already is working at a good pace to finish the stretch Playa Blue-Caleta de Campos in the same year, and start of Coahuayana-Maruata.

To boost tourism and detonate said, it takes at least three fundamental factors, which are that there are better conditions for communication to all the coast of Michoacán, and that this is already underway. The other important point noted is the security. This was achieved in Mexico for the Navy began construction of a naval barracks, near Caleta de Campos, La Tupitina, municipality of Aquila, and the third is to see if they can build two small airports, one in Creek and one in Maruata, we still do not know the specifications, it is necessary to make studies for this and that they are approved by the relevant authorities.

With these three characteristics the president said, “and obviously supporting schools, servers tour of the area, making improvements to the beauty of Caleta and Maruata, investors may be invited to come and build hotels, with great respect to environment of the area, but everything will start to bear fruit when we have the road closed at least until Caleta, on this side of the coast and Maruata Coahuayana to the other part of the coast.

Before, during his speech at the event in primary school Claiming Petroleum, where he started work for the benefit of the school population, he noted that as Michoacán and has two airports on the coast, the Lazaro Cardenas and the Coahuayana, in both the state government is going to spend money to improve them, so there Coahuayana and regional flights to domestic and international flights to the port. He added that the decision has been taken to modernize the road Coahuayana Lazaro Cardenas, to be able to receive the tourism that is sure to come to the entire region, is thinking of two airstrips level Caleta de Campos airport and Maruata, which drew a good number of applause from the audience

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