Coastal land value rise

Coastal land value rise

16 / 03 / 2010 09:49
With the development undertaken by the state government the first beneficiaries are the owners of neighboring land to such work. Transcended even that groups of both domestic and foreign investors interested in buying orchards in order to plan tourism development in the coastal strip of the municipality. Meanwhile work is continuing to expand the road and is expected to be completed this month stretch The Habillal-Las Peñas.
The state government on its part has initiated contact with landowners both Playa Azul Habillal to negotiate the right of way that will be used to warrant the construction of the great road work. While substantial progress note of the Habillal to Las Peñas, lack of road construction from the point where the boulevard ends before arriving at Playa Azul.
The deviation is traced to one side of the treatment plant sewage out to the side of the secondary and then go straight to the river Acalpican which will be built on a bridge whose length and specifications have not been released.side of the beach and will connect the existing road with a mile ahead of the cruiser of this community.
It was learned that the state government has already initiated contacts with landowners of Playa Azul to initiate negotiations. Although not official, it is known that the authority offers to the owners of the orchards the economical purchase of fruit trees but does not consider any payment for the land value because it is used for the common good of communities and also benefit most directly are the owners of the lots that are already rising in value by the impact of the works being carried out. A state official who requested not to be identified said the state government has full confidence in finding availability of landowners on which to build the new highway route.
“We know of several projects for tourism develpment in this part of the coast but we must be clear that this is no reason for land owners to sell their properties but rther ask information that is most convenient and we believe that companies should be seeking to develop tourism projects and to do so will have the full support of the authorities, “the state official.
For its part, technical construction of the section responsible for the Habillal-Las Peñas reiterated that this month could be delivered most of the work and do not rule as to achieve complete work in this first stage. De Las Peñas to Caleta de Campos and work started by another company that won the competition of the work.
However, this company, RYMSA name already has complaints against him for alleged abuses to have destroyed a humble home in which a man of advanced age lived. This happened over the bridge Popoyuta community. While the house of wood and plastic roof was on land that would occupy in the new work, the above construction did not give any notice to the occupier and without further noticproceeded to demolish it with machinery.
The affected person expects the support of the authorities, since no land and homeownership

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