Government promotes coastal touristic attractions and resorts

Government promotes coastal touristic attractions and resorts

Besides a large number of activities related to the traditional Holy Week tourists who come to Michoacán during the upcoming holidays will find a wide range of facilities for leisure on the Michoacan’s cost, as well as Spas and Water Parks. This was announced at a press conference held at the State Tourism Secretary, with the participation of the Director of Promotion of self reliance, Juan Bosco García Castro and the President of the Association of Spas and Water Parks Michoacán , AC, Omar Gonzalez Campos. As for the attractions of the Costa, Castro Garcia reported that one of the great advantages of the 213 kilometers of beaches that have Michoacán is that they have a great biodiversity, gastronomy, beaches of soft sand and warm waters that allow the practice water sports without special suits neoprene or insulating polymers, as in other seas.

Bicentennial Coastal Boulevard, between palm infrastructure, with a journey of more than 10 kilometers from Playa Azul and Playa Erendira. You will also find the recently opened Centennial Malecón Balsas, which offers the best views of Rio Balsas and features family entertainment area. From there ships are seen arriving at the most important port on the Mexican Pacific. Note that in the first weekend of Spring Break Arena Expo is held at Playa La Soledad, where cultural activities are presented, sand figures contests, dances and sports activities.

He said other attractions in the region, such as handicrafts Nahua community in the municipality of Aquila, the boat rides estuaries (marine ecosystems rich in biodiversity) in the town of Lazaro Cardenas varied cuisine throughout the coastal strip, based on species turtles native to the region, water sports like surfing and Nexpa The Ticla and snorkeling in Pichilinguillo.

Castro and González García Campos agreed that while other places have water recreation options, Michoacán has characteristics that make it unique, as Route Health: a strip of beach resorts and water parks built around more than 400 springs that cross the entity from East to West, for more than a dozen municipalities, with a journey of approximately 200 kilometers, where visitors can enjoy the most varied scenery, from mountain forests to plateaux and valleys.

There are 22 members of the AMIBALPA spas throughout the state, some of them with hot springs. And during the holiday season offers recreational activities including events, competitions and festivals. Other services in the parks, in addition to the pools, are hotels, campgrounds, trailer-parks, shops, restaurants and meeting rooms, among others. The access fees range from 25 to 100 pesos, which allow the use of park facilities for up to 8 hours. And the price change is due to the extent of infrastructure and attractions to each Park and Spa offers.

Among the municipalities that make up the Path of Health include: Junagapeo, Hidalgo, Juarez, Queréndaro, Zinapécuaro, Zitacuaro Indaparapeo, Charo, Chucándiro, Huandacareo, Cuitzeo and Morelia. You can find more detailed information on these attractions and services with location maps and phone numbers on the websites: ; and , you can also receive information in the email turgalerí or long distance phone charge 01 800 450 23 00 53 01,800,830

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