Tourists enjoying the beach

Tourists enjoying the beach

05 / 04 / 2010 [08:46} The influx of visitors on spring break this year is greater than what was presented in 2009, so it is expected to attend spring break week more people to learn about the various options to enjoy a pleasant holiday in the city and the Costa Michoacana, said Mayor Adolfo Tovar Ontiveros.
Tourists on other occasions have been visiting Lázaro Cárdenas saw the makeover of the city and commended the authorities of the Municipality who chairs Adolfo Tovar Ontiveros for ensuring that the city and its beaches were clean and were shocked many walkers them by the peace that exists in its various beaches.
According to the charge of Civil Protection, Sergio Farfan Medrano, the operation that was designed to provide safety to the swimmers who came to the beaches of the municipality was as follows: 02 were used pickup trucks, 01 ambulances, 2 ATV Safety Public.
As staff: 01 Charge of the Civil Protection unit, operations coordinator 01, 05 supervisors, 06 paramedics, 13 basic life-saving, 32 lifeguards paid by the City for the season of Easter, 21 Lifeguard, 09 Support Staff Civil Protection. Farfan Medrano resulted Preliminary Operating from spring break until 16:00 pm last Sunday April 4, 2010, with a balance of: 01 people died, 23 people rescued, 02 people injured.
In addition the Mayor Tovar Ontiveros said: “The national and foreign visitors in our city could enjoy this holiday options such as visiting the newly opened Pier Balsas River Bicentennial Coastal Boulevard where they could also practice cycling and athletics.”
He added that during visits to different beaches has found that most of the walkers come from within our state as well as various domestic destinations, mainly in the Federal District, Guanajuato and Queretaro.
In Mexico, expressed his appreciation for the beaches and, although he acknowledged that it is the first visit to Lazaro Cardenas, said that while visiting the Malecon at night is spectacular multicolored lights that can be seen from the companies that there are established and walking calmly with his family on the Riviera del Río Balsas, also said he will return “because here the cuisine is varied and very exquisite and family fun can find it in different parts of the city.”

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