Coastal land value rise

16 / 03 / 2010 09:49
With the development undertaken by the state government the first beneficiaries are the owners of neighboring land to such work. Transcended even that groups of both domestic and foreign investors interested in buying orchards in order to plan tourism development in the coastal strip of the municipality. Meanwhile work is continuing to expand the road and is expected to be completed this month stretch The Habillal-Las Peñas.
The state government on its part has initiated contact with landowners both Playa Azul Habillal to negotiate the right of way that will be used to warrant the construction of the great road work. While substantial progress note of the Habillal to Las Peñas, lack of road construction from the point where the boulevard ends before arriving at Playa Azul.
The deviation is traced to one side of the treatment plant sewage out to the side of the secondary and then go straight to the river Acalpican which will be built on a bridge whose length and specifications have not been released.side of the beach and will connect the existing road with a mile ahead of the cruiser of this community.
It was learned that the state government has already initiated contacts with landowners of Playa Azul to initiate negotiations. Although not official, it is known that the authority offers to the owners of the orchards the economical purchase of fruit trees but does not consider any payment for the land value because it is used for the common good of communities and also benefit most directly are the owners of the lots that are already rising in value by the impact of the works being carried out. A state official who requested not to be identified said the state government has full confidence in finding availability of landowners on which to build the new highway route.
“We know of several projects for tourism develpment in this part of the coast but we must be clear that this is no reason for land owners to sell their properties but rther ask information that is most convenient and we believe that companies should be seeking to develop tourism projects and to do so will have the full support of the authorities, “the state official.
For its part, technical construction of the section responsible for the Habillal-Las Peñas reiterated that this month could be delivered most of the work and do not rule as to achieve complete work in this first stage. De Las Peñas to Caleta de Campos and work started by another company that won the competition of the work.
However, this company, RYMSA name already has complaints against him for alleged abuses to have destroyed a humble home in which a man of advanced age lived. This happened over the bridge Popoyuta community. While the house of wood and plastic roof was on land that would occupy in the new work, the above construction did not give any notice to the occupier and without further noticproceeded to demolish it with machinery.
The affected person expects the support of the authorities, since no land and homeownership

Tourists enjoying the beach

05 / 04 / 2010 [08:46} The influx of visitors on spring break this year is greater than what was presented in 2009, so it is expected to attend spring break week more people to learn about the various options to enjoy a pleasant holiday in the city and the Costa Michoacana, said Mayor Adolfo Tovar Ontiveros.
Tourists on other occasions have been visiting Lázaro Cárdenas saw the makeover of the city and commended the authorities of the Municipality who chairs Adolfo Tovar Ontiveros for ensuring that the city and its beaches were clean and were shocked many walkers them by the peace that exists in its various beaches.
According to the charge of Civil Protection, Sergio Farfan Medrano, the operation that was designed to provide safety to the swimmers who came to the beaches of the municipality was as follows: 02 were used pickup trucks, 01 ambulances, 2 ATV Safety Public.
As staff: 01 Charge of the Civil Protection unit, operations coordinator 01, 05 supervisors, 06 paramedics, 13 basic life-saving, 32 lifeguards paid by the City for the season of Easter, 21 Lifeguard, 09 Support Staff Civil Protection. Farfan Medrano resulted Preliminary Operating from spring break until 16:00 pm last Sunday April 4, 2010, with a balance of: 01 people died, 23 people rescued, 02 people injured.
In addition the Mayor Tovar Ontiveros said: “The national and foreign visitors in our city could enjoy this holiday options such as visiting the newly opened Pier Balsas River Bicentennial Coastal Boulevard where they could also practice cycling and athletics.”
He added that during visits to different beaches has found that most of the walkers come from within our state as well as various domestic destinations, mainly in the Federal District, Guanajuato and Queretaro.
In Mexico, expressed his appreciation for the beaches and, although he acknowledged that it is the first visit to Lazaro Cardenas, said that while visiting the Malecon at night is spectacular multicolored lights that can be seen from the companies that there are established and walking calmly with his family on the Riviera del Río Balsas, also said he will return “because here the cuisine is varied and very exquisite and family fun can find it in different parts of the city.”

Investment return

Considered to be the port with the fastest growth in the whole port system in Mexico, this geographical zone is potentially one of the best private investment options in this sector and the tourism sector as well.

Why invest today

Because of the economic growth curve in which this geographic region is placed right now, a substantial difference exists between investing today compared to doing it in a future time once the properties rise in value.

“Alabatros” Bridge begins formal operations: APILAC

Beginning this February, the Port Authority of Lazaro Cardenas (APILAC) will begin formal operation of “Albatros” or “Bicentennial” as it has been called, but its official inauguration will occur in March during the visit that makes this place the President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, in a “tour issue”, where he will inaugurate and supervise labors that the federal government made in the Port, with an investment of more than 1,200 million pesos.
This was made known, in an interview with Rubén Medina González, head of the APILAC, who noted that the commissioning of the bridge will become the salvation of many problems, especially the highway and the flow of goods and products to and from the port.”I speak of operation into the harbor infrastructure works such as the Albatros bridge, we are allowing loosening the social conflicts,” he said.
The port, agreed with the findings of a communicator, cease to be a “hammer” to beat the federal government, as the operation of that bridge, untied to anything that moves in the Port of any social conflict because although mining or any other social group and conduct threatens to block the entrances of the city, activity within the campus will not stop, as trucks travel freely call in Middle Island to the bridge and on to the highway, without having to go through the city for anything.
He said that in the “Thematic tour” which will be made by President Calderon, will be inaugurated as the aforementioned bridge labors, which took an investment of 560 million pesos, the monitoring of dredging in the order of 233 million pesos, also supervising the construction of the Mega Customs for another 300 million pesos, the construction of internal roads of the railway at a cost of 50 MP more and a series of internal road construction project for another 30 million pesos.
And with regard to the relationship out of the Port with the city, will symbolically hand over Will of Steel Avenue that is now complete.
All these work started last year and finished some of them and others in the process have generated in all of 2009, approximately one thousand direct jobs generated during construction stage, regardless of the permanent to be encountered in the operation stage of them.
Asked about the threat has launched the mining union, to block the port if the guild is not resolved favorably the question of the strike at Cananea, Sonora, Medina González said that the miners may block access and the roads they want, ” we will be vigilant as federal level that do not violate federal routes of communication, “while reiterating that the operation of the bridge Albatros will be the solution for the port, which is thus be independent of social conflicts.

CALETA and Maruata will have an AIRPORT

During the tour of the work performed on Saturday at Caleta de Campos, the governor Leonel Godoy Rangel, announced that staff will brief the Ministry of Communications and Public Works of the state and of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation of the Federal Government to view fields at Caleta de Campos as Maruata, to build two runways there at the airport, to provide better transport options for strollers and abroad often visit these two places.

In an interview with this newspaper, said that as promised in campaign and in the first days of its mandate, the main objective was to upgrade the coastal road-Coahuayana Lázaro Cárdenas, which already is working at a good pace to finish the stretch Playa Blue-Caleta de Campos in the same year, and start of Coahuayana-Maruata.

To boost tourism and detonate said, it takes at least three fundamental factors, which are that there are better conditions for communication to all the coast of Michoacán, and that this is already underway. The other important point noted is the security. This was achieved in Mexico for the Navy began construction of a naval barracks, near Caleta de Campos, La Tupitina, municipality of Aquila, and the third is to see if they can build two small airports, one in Creek and one in Maruata, we still do not know the specifications, it is necessary to make studies for this and that they are approved by the relevant authorities.

With these three characteristics the president said, “and obviously supporting schools, servers tour of the area, making improvements to the beauty of Caleta and Maruata, investors may be invited to come and build hotels, with great respect to environment of the area, but everything will start to bear fruit when we have the road closed at least until Caleta, on this side of the coast and Maruata Coahuayana to the other part of the coast.

Before, during his speech at the event in primary school Claiming Petroleum, where he started work for the benefit of the school population, he noted that as Michoacán and has two airports on the coast, the Lazaro Cardenas and the Coahuayana, in both the state government is going to spend money to improve them, so there Coahuayana and regional flights to domestic and international flights to the port. He added that the decision has been taken to modernize the road Coahuayana Lazaro Cardenas, to be able to receive the tourism that is sure to come to the entire region, is thinking of two airstrips level Caleta de Campos airport and Maruata, which drew a good number of applause from the audience

The future transit system of Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan

WHAT IS IT? The city of Lazaro Cardenas, has an Urban Development Plan for the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, and its content was presented to Congress in Local 2005 and in 2006 was approved as a decree law El Plan Tiene una visión a 30 años. The Plan has a vision for 30 years. For this reason, I would make available this document refers to the Urban Structure of Township Road Lazaro Cardenas. Alberto Gutierrez Tlalpan


And what is a Metropolis? City is a predominantly urban and predominantly because it exerts a certain influence on the economic, social and political development of a region, state or country. In this sense, the city, the seat of the municipality, meets the elements to be elevated to a metropolis. And provided, that is bound by the equipment of the urban road links to all holdings in the municipality/And the expansion of the road to Caleta de Campos, and the embankment of the Culture and the Arts and of course the beach boulevard Erendira-Playa Azul, with the cycle path and the extension to four lanes, connected to a fast road the issuance of the city. In the images that have separated, since the quality is reduced, I want to highlight what is the road structure.  Which is comprised as follows:



INTERIOR PERIPHERAL It circles the entire city by the warrant and its extension to four lanes, to the scale and join the Avenida Las Palmas, eye does not cross the Lazaro Cardenas Avenue, but that is bound in the “roundabout” or “Plaza” of the Universities, connecting with Avenida Morelos, to bind and close the warrant.

EXTERNAL PERIPHERALS This is linked from access to Highway 21 Century, to the clover port access and the Isla de la Palma, runs the height of the route of Macaws, crossing in that direction on board Guacamayas channel, crossing behind the primary and secondary technique 91, to connect with the railway right of way, passing by the Rancho Los Rice. Continuing to Bridge the Way, the road intersected with the Riverside-La Mira, runs around the edge right of way to Arcelor, the future Axis crosses Central Avenue Extension Melch Ocampo and connects to the bypass opposite the train station.

METROPOLITAN PERIPHERAL LINK This link peripheral Metropolitan Boulevard is composed Erendira-Playa Azul Beach and Boulevard de Las Palmas, (I already renamed) The Bypass, the New Beach Access Erendira by the Gas Station Las Truchas, and connects to the boulevard, crossing the boulevard at Playa Azul, up to Barra De Pichi, where they build new bridges and around the ranch, the burning and until joining Los Valverde Between Mira and El Bordonal, crossing just at this point, the Central Axis Avenue . Melch Ocampo, to go behind the Cereso, Buenos Aires surrounds her back, until joining again with the Central Axis, and is connected with the External Peripherals on the Way Bridge

Central Axis It refers to the Avenida Melchor Ocampo, starting from the intersection of Av Lazaro Cardenas Av Heroic Naval Military School, intersecting with Melchor Ocampo Avenue, cross to the Technological Libramiento borders the Ejido La Florida, up to El Bordonal, and culminating in Acalpican of Morelos, the road should be expanded to four lanes to Caleta de Campos.
SUBURBAN PERIPHERAL It connects the communities of El Bordonal, with Buenos Aires and La Mira.




More than 10,000 vehicles returning home

By Carlos Torres Oseguera: Siglo XXI Highway reported between Saturday and Sunday more than 10 000 vehicles returning from the coast, after the Easter holidays, the toll booth Feliciano where this deviation to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, stressed that the 70% of visits occurred on the shores of Guerrero.
And this is perceived in the road from the highway to Zihuatanejo, the line of vehicles on their return after the holidays are long over three kilometers, the sect Feliciano collection which provides a rail for the route to Zihuatanejo, had to enable three more of the toll booths that charge regular LC-Morelia highway.
During the first three days of the month the vehicle capacity has doubled in the office said Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe), noting that on 1 April 8000 joined more than 600 vehicles to the coastal area, estimating that 7 out of 10 admitted to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo.
For the April 2 exceeded the capacity vehicles and 5000 and return on Saturday began registering on 7000 vehicles in route from the coast toward the center of the state, this same situation occurred in this Sunday it believed the crossing over of 8000 units.
Normal seasonal traffic is estimated at just over four thousand vehicles in both directions, holiday traffic is doubled, leading to the return as this Sunday that up to quadruple the traffic on the highway.