Tourism entrepreneurs interested in the coast

Tourism entrepreneurs interested in the coast

20 / 05 / 2010 [10:51 Michoacán’s own participation is essential in the development of tourism in the state, said the Secretary of the branch in the state, Genovevo Figueroa Zamudio, in meeting with the Tourist Association of Women Business Owners, interested in knowing the progress and investment niches present in the coastal region of the state.
In response to the request of the State Association of Business Tourism, the State Ministry of Industry released a summary of progress in the development of the Costa Michoacana, and the 2010 Tourism Promotion Scheme of the State.
In the meeting with the Association who chairs the business Isllalí Belmonte present was the State Secretary of Tourism, Genovevo Figueroa Zamudio and Development Coordinator of the Costa, Rafael Melgoza Radillo and Promotion Assistant Secretaries, Thelma Aquique Arrieta and Tourism Development, Medardo Alfaro Mendez.
The presentation on the coast, met the progress of various infrastructure projects undertaken by the State Government as the first stage of the Balsas Centenary Quay, the second body of the Bicentennial Coastal Boulevard and the location of spaces for public investment and private, attached to both the Comprehensive Development Master Plan of the Coast, and the Master Plan for Tourism Urban Front Lazaro Cardenas-Playa Azul.
Both plans show the land use through activities and tourist services in accordance with market requirements and expectations of the population.
The Association noted its appreciation to the continued development of tourism with the participation of Michoacan and companies interested in knowing the places where, in accordance with the Master Plan for Tourism Urban Front Lazaro Cardenas – Playa Azul, ecotourism projects will be carried out under the concept of sustainability and environmental friendliness.
In terms of promotion, the Secretary of the Department, Thelma Aquique Arrieta, presented the activities undertaken during the previous year and their impact on the influx of visitors.
He stressed that this year will continue the monitoring program and market analysis, promotional campaigns nationally and internationally will be made based on the potential and identified target markets, will continue the construction of tourism products with promotional work hand according to their maturation process.
He also spoke of strengthening the promotional tools and incentives to continue holding events that generate large number of visitors to the entity.
The meeting concluded with a commitment to maintain communication and work unit sector being represented by women entrepreneurs, and the Tourism Secretariat of State.

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